Wooden Bunk Beds

Wooden bunk beds are usually more expensive and heavier than metal and they can easily be stripped, stained or painted if you want to change colors. A perfect example is when you want to refinish a dark stained wood and make it white for your younger child. All that is necessary is to lightly scuff the wood with sandpaper and then paint it with a brush or spray cans.



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A bunk bed is one of the biggest space savers in a children’s room and a wooden one looks all the more modern and stylish. Living in a small house with few rooms becomes especially difficult when you have more than one child. However, bunk beds aren’t restricted only to those people who need more space; they are just as great an option for people with bigger houses. And best of all, leaving aside all practical benefits, kids just love bunk beds!

Bunk beds made of wood are generally cheaper and sturdier than the other types and are widely available in the market. These beds are much more versatile and you can choose from a large variety of types and shapes such as cars, ships, air planes, tree houses or castles. With us you can also order custom styled wooden bunk beds which are made just the way you want them. These beds come in different kinds of wood finishes like maple, teak, mahogany and pine. Different types of wood are matched with different themes.

As wooden bunk beds are a lot sturdier than the other types, they are also much safer for kids. Kids can get hurt on bunk beds by scratching themselves on sharp edges. However, wooden beds have rounded and smoother edges which are safe for children. These beds are effectively stain-proof and prove very easy to maintain and clean. A well maintained wooden bunk bed can easily last for up to a decade or more.

Wooden bunk beds offer many additional modifications according to your needs and the way you want to use them. They can substitute other furniture pieces if you buy beds which come in trundle positions. Many also provide you with drawers at the bottom for additional storage space. You can also go for beds that have tables or study desks at the bottom and a single bunk on top.

We at Bunk Beds provide you with a wide variety of bunk beds to choose from in different varieties of wood and styled in varied themes. You can opt for strong but inexpensive bunks as well as the slightly more expensive and elegant bunk beds depending on your needs and budget. If you have something in mind, we even make customised bunk beds according to customer specifications!