Metal Bunk Beds

Metal bunk beds are usually less expensive, take up less space and and are lighter than wood bunk beds. They typically have more colors and styles to choose from compared to wooden beds. Regardless of the material of the frame, it is important to check to make sure all nuts and bolts are securly fastened every month. Welding points should also be checked on metal beds on a regular basis.

Metal Full Over Full

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Metal Twin Over Twin

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Metal bunk beds are the strongest types of bunk beds available in the market. These beds originated in wars where due to the lack of space soldiers slept on these metallic bunks. Metal bunk beds were also first used in residence halls, dormitories, prison cells and cabins.

At least 4 poles or stands are used to support a standard metal bunk bed at the four corners. The top bunk is normally made accessible by a ladder. You can also choose to have curtains in the lower bunk for privacy.
Metal bunk beds are often preferred for their durability and long life. Bunk beds come in many types along with the standard ones, some of which are the twin over, loft beds and L shaped beds. The standard types of bunk beds are the usual ones with two beds stacked together one on top of the other with mattresses of the exact same size.

The twin over type beds are also quite similar, only that the bottom part is a queen size bed and the upper portion is a twin size bed. Loft beds are designed to accommodate a single person and have the bed on top with the bottom space empty which can be used for storage or as a writing desk. Many also have additional or spare beds at the bottom along with a little free space and are very suitable for small spaced rooms. L shaped bunk beds are shaped just like the letter L, hence the name. They have the top and bottom portions at an angle of 90 degrees to each other.

We also provide you the option of custom made metal bunk beds tailored according to your specifications. At Bunk Beds you will find all types of metal bunk beds that you might be looking for with our assurance on quality and reliability.