Selecting a Bunk Bed

The biggest advantage of a bunk bed over normal beds is the amount of space saved but proper measurements of the roof, floor and room dimensions need to be made before choosing or buying one. The roof should be at least 4 feet from the top of the bed otherwise there won't be enough clearance for moving around. There are also some additional features like pull-out mattresses or drawers in some beds which should be kept in consideration when buying bunk beds.

There are many different variations of bunk beds available in the market the two main categories of which are the basic beds and the lofted ones. They too come in different types such as the twin-over-twin or the full beds and lofted beds on a futon. Some beds also allow 3 people to sleep on one bed unit. Thus you can choose a bed depending on the number of people that will eventually use it. L shaped beds can also be used as they utilize corners very effectively by fitting snugly in a right angle formation.

Safety is always the biggest concern while buying a bunk bed. Before buying any bed you should always inspect it for defects or potential hazards that might cause injury or harm when used. Check the side railings and ladder or stairs for sturdiness and make sure the base is strong enough to withstand your weight.It is also ideal that the sides of the bed are slightly raised to prevent small children from falling. Wooden beds are recommended for safety since they don't have sharp edges which are sometimes present in metal bunk beds.

These tips will help you buy a good bunk bed for your house and make sure that the money you spent is worth it.